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This is my life,I'm the one who direct the road I should walk.I'm SIFEr and I'm proud to do what I'm currently doing.Anything bad that my friends comment,it is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. For those who understand mandarin,do understand that we have to work hard for everything before we think to get a good result! 学习不是人生的全部,但学习都征服不了,那你还能做什么?


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Smile my Dear!
I want present!!
It's already March?
Back to Dec but it's 2011 D!
SIFE World Cup 2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Cent...
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 思念

在天堂的堂姐,请原谅我没回去的错误.那是一边是喜事一边是丧事.我真的接受不到你就这样厉害.本想30号去探望你,但29的早上,你再也醒不来了. 希望下辈子我们还是亲戚!


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Sunday, December 23, 2012 Let's Party

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow. Thank God that I've done with Christmas present. Got everything I need and had to wake up early tomorrow for my revision and the small steamboat at home. It's another year and the time passes, the people around me changed, so as me, places and saving money to get my hair done perfectly just for Chinese New Year and to buy that sparkling Melissa shoes.

Merry Christmas everybody and hope everybody and my families healthy as usual  :PP

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Smile my Dear!
What the definition of  freedom? Everybody have own definition for freedom. I finally got my freedom for travelling on my own, yes alone! Yet, after the case my cousin admitted into hospital i just don't feel that i'm part of the family. So not going to tell anyone of them my future plans. 

I don't like fake promises and don't give me one if your action and words are not the same. I HATE it. Stupid people who loves to give fake promises. 

For the best part of my current life is i'm going to travel and enjoy my life. The sad case is all the living expenses is now on my own. Stay strong. -_- hope so. 

Abandoned my blog for almost half year for studies, SIFE, happy weekend and now i need this space to remind myself for everything. The worst part, new law for Malaysian is coming soon. Stupid 114A. If this law proven, i think i better buy a thick book to release my bad, negative and emo stuffs by writing down in that book. 

SMILE. Nothing is bad just the road is a little slippery. Walk slowly and firm. (;
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Friday, June 1, 2012 I want present!!
Hope somebody gonna remember my birthday and a surprise for me or a present for me on my birthday!

Another sad case.
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Monday, March 5, 2012 It's already March?
Stress to the MAX. Don't really like my current short semester. It's short yet tiring! What we should do or don't have to be fast. SNAP then think of an ideas if not you're a dead fish at the next second. 

#Why am I blogging this stupid fml things in this moments? Just to remind myself that I gone through such tiring times and reward myself after this exam. LOL 

Tons of friends get married this year and sorry to say I'm not chasing the fashion of getting marry so stop asking me when gonna give red card nor red boom.Mr Vincent Lee, I'm not that desperate to enter the another life stage for my life. 
Well, I'm gonna curse you to get a red boom once you get a GF. ;)

The delayed post for myself. Lazy and I know it.. 2012 MUST done resolution is:
1. Graduate from my bloody course
2. Get the dream job of mine 
3. Get a heart warmed pressie for my bf (x a romantic guy than my expectation)
4. Family members and friends all healthy healthy include me ( my uncle passed away & cousin got leukemia)
5. Travel with my bfiie and friends 
6. Get great result for this coming exam 
7. Get a hair transformation 
8.Try on bikini during travel omgfmlwtflol 
9.Control myself from scolding rude words when i speak
10.Get my very first RM10k

2012 resolution that I wish to achieve : 
1.Save money for my dream car( Rx-8)
2. A DSLR camera 
3. Hello kitty fish eye camera 
4. Birthday party? no idea -_____- 
5. Travel in Malaysia with my car 

FINE! I'm gonna control my emotion by listening to Birdy! 
Get me right..haha! not listen to bird song but Birdy ;) 

FYI, she's just 15 years old and lucky her got a great voice. 

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Thursday, December 8, 2011 Depressed!
December is a great month to give and to share the beautiful of Christmas. YES but that's for before I heard that my family leaving me alone in Malaysia. They going to Bali, Indonesia for family trip.wtf

Reason gave that I fucking hate :
1. You are working, x holiday for you so you can't follow!
2. No, you're adult now so wait until you earned and go yourself.
3. There's no place for you. wtf

So fucking piss when I know this trip and I was left behind without that fucking Bali trip and perhaps I'm gonna missed the Singapore trip too!!

I sure shop until I drop so I x have the energy to help out for Chinese New Year!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011 Back to Dec but it's 2011 D!

HoHoHo!!!Merry Christmas... I'm in the holiday mood but I still have work to be done.
Thank God It's Friday but I still have to work on Saturday! :'(
Never mind, I'm gonna having some dirty paint job to do...Temporary Painter haha!

Upgraded my phone become a useful Blackberry after subscribed to the Blackberry BIS package. Kinda love it although my phone are battery eater. Gonna end my internship soon but I know I'm gonna miss them so much. Especially Miss Wonderful haha and Miss Shirley.

Holy Cow!!
Watch the video below and they are really insane. Come on guys! Don't teach bad things to the younger generation please. It's sickening.

The video made me want to shop for Christmas present and oh yeah! The Christmas BBQ party at my dear house :) 
Wooooo, can't wait for that day to come. =P
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